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The ‘Original Team’


Where TEAM

is not just a word.

From the very first, your Weimaraner gives unconditional love.

We have been graced with some wonderful examples of the breed over 40 years.

During that period of our married life there have been ups and downs.

Celebrations and Tragedies.

One thing has remained constant during all those years.

That unconditional love, our dogs have kept our spirits up when they were down.

Helped us through some very tough years.

When you need comfort , someone to talk to that will not argue back, exactly !

Feeling down and isolated, lonely or even euphoric !

Your Weimaraner will be there, asking no more than to share your attention

Below you will see photographs of our first home bred ‘Teams’

Feebie with some of  her first litter and April there also with her only pup ‘Solo’

That was more than 25 years ago.

Photographs left to right include Feebie, Chalk, Tasha, Anya, April & Solo

Bottom right photo shows Solo in the foreground is now a senior citizen

Early Group BW
Old Ryanstock Team lying in Field small
Old Team sitting 2
Early Group 1
Early Group 2 V1

Ryan, April & Ruke